Hints of neutral palettes on bold pieces tend to make it easier to pair it up various neutral tones. In this case, I'll be referring to black which we all know is easy to pair with any color. Here I wore my pink top which has these Aztec prints all over them and this cardigan from Cotton On.

[Cotton On Cardigan | Aztec-printed top | Artwork shoes| Envelope clutch]
SM Seaside City Cebu is the third largest mall in the country, so once its doors opened to the public, you can just imagine all the traffic and the crowd it generated. But on a lighter note, it helps in providing a lot of job opportunities and what not...and, I'll stop before I get into a more serious conversation.

Anyway, I happened to chance upon this architectural wonder and it was "arkigasmic" (copyright to whoever coined this term). You'll be amazed by how the walls/sunbreakers/windows are formed and it somehow mimics the sea which is nearby (obviously, hence the name), and the overall layout was impressive. The circular plan really helps for mall strollers in that you'll just keep walking around and around and you won't notice that you've already made an entire revolution of a certain floor (kinda like Guggenheim in New York, minus the ramp). Unfortunately, since it was just launched to the public, quite a lot of rentable spaces are yet to be opened, so around 50% was still bare, but so far it's good. 

Panorama captured on one of its sides

Alongside the opening, lots of events were also held inside, two of which are the Forever 21 fashion show and Rico Blanco performing. (I went there on the 28th of November)

The ice skating rink is something that the locals may look forward to and there are lots more! Some of which I wasn't able to take a picture of. And since it's only the Phase 1 that's done, there's still more developments to look forward to. 

After strolling inside the mall, I somehow ended up exiting on the opposite side of where I came in and I saw the Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod. Another architectural wonder in just one area! I've just seen this on an architectural website somewhere and I was so ecstatic that I finally got to go to the "Church with 100 Walls".

It may all seem modern but the element of 'mystery' (provided by the walls), as what has been mentioned on other sites, truly felt powerful and enlightening especially when on a religious structure such as this. I wasn't able to check out the sides of the structure (since it was already dark and the weather wasn't too good during that night), but even so, just seeing the facade and the interior of the chapel screams a lot about its character.

Looking forward to another architectural-filled trip such as this! xo 
Ever since I was a kid, resorts have always enticed me. For some reason, I just find resorts very fun and comforting which obviously makes them effective for their purpose. The water features (pool, and even the beach) always attract me; however, other amenities which boasts some cool architectural features really serve as an eye candy for me.

Last month, I was able to visit Costabella Tropical Beach Hotel (Mactan, Cebu) for my cousin's birthday celebration. And when being in a beautiful place, I can't help but take lots of photos...
Always been fond of customized lavatories
Desserts: my favorite part of the meal
My cousin and I :)
The beach is really lovely

One of the pieces that caught my attention. I love how they turned an old boat (bangka) into a bench, and aside from just the body of the boat itself, they also utilized the paddles, how cool is that?

The place was truly amazing for me, the areas of the resort were really nice (I was also fond of their shower room/changing room, just wasn't able to take a photo of that though), and there was a fine balance between incorporating the Filipino character and the beach (tropical) aspect of the area - I'm no critic though, but I guess everyone can say the same in terms of how the place feels like.

Anyway, that's it for now, hope I'll be able to check another nice place soon.

I've always been a fan of graphic tees, I guess it's the bold, artsy side of me that wants it more; but so far, this top is the one which I can refer to as truly my favorite. I love how this top isn't just cut into a normal t-shirt style and also that the print covers the entire front of it. With it being a size larger than what fits me, it actually makes for a cooler (well-ventilated) piece.

With the ruggedness of the top, I decided to just pair it with this knee pants. The bag with the cute skull prints just became a more fitting option for this "ghostly" top, while the beanie and the birks just naturally went with it just to balance the overall tone.

I'm guessing that this outfit fares well for when you're going on a roadtrip with friends or just when you wanna hang out in a chill outdoor spot.

[Artwork top | knee pants - DIY | Birkshoppe mandals | Artwork beanie | Grab bag]
Moving away from the place you call home is really a big adjustment. Even when you try to prepare yourself with the thought of moving out months prior, the whole thing really becomes foreign once you get into it. Certain things you don't do, you start doing, and certain ties you keep, inevitably become broken.
1. The first few days (weeks) are tough. The sudden shift from a small town to a big city was too much for someone who barely went out at home. It was like trying to take in a lot of things in my head, but somehow, "error: information overload" showed up. You'll try to memorize the streets you pass by, the means of public transportation you need to take, etc.
2. Starting to value what's only necessary. Deciding what to take with me may also have been one of the toughest things I've encountered while preparing to go solo. It was hard not being able to take my entire closet with me, only around 20kg worth of my life was possible so I tried being practical and only brought with me what I thought was necessary, like clothes I can wear for work and shoes I can match with any outfit.
3. Being in various long distance relationships. Moving into a new place means leaving your friends behind. Old friends will still be there; however, you'll be having a long distance relationship. You may have new friends along the way, but while you still don't have someone who you can randomly ask to tag along with you, prepare to go solo...or better yet, just stay at home (which isn't a good idea 'cause chances of meeting new people may be less).
4. It is worth it. Once you slowly start to get used to it, no matter how tough budgeting may be, or no matter how many long distance relationships you maintain, you'll realize that the learnings you get from life while being independent is really something else - there's an unexplainable sense of fulfillment which only you, yourself can feel.

[p.s. I'm still in the infancy stage of being independent, so there might be a second piece coming up about this]